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NEMreview by Global-Roam

Access, slice and dice historical NEM data. Built for analysts.

How to trial NEMreview.

You can start a free trial of NEMreview v6 desktop software so that you can assess the capabilities yourself. A trial licence will expire after 14 days, and will limit you to access only the past 6 months of historical NEM data.

Please follow the steps below to set-up a trial of NEMreview on your machine:

Step 1. Create a GR-id

A GR-id is an account you will need to create in order to access our software licencing system. If you don't already have a GR-ID account, you can create one on this site here.

You'll need to use your GR-ID username and password in Step 4.

Step 2. Download the NEMreview Installer

Download the latest version of the installer for the NEMreview client.

Step 3. Install the software on your computer

Run the installer that you have just downloaded and follow the installation prompts. You'll need to right click the file and select "Run As Administrator" when doing this.

More details about this process are available on our v6 Help Site here.

Step 4. Activate the your licence

Once the installation is complete, run NEMreview from the icon on your desktop or start menu.

When NEMreview starts you will be asked to activate a licence. You'll need your GR-ID username and password from Step 1.

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