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NEMreview by Global-Roam

Access, slice and dice historical NEM data. Built for analysts.

Two versions accessible.

NEMreview is a widely-used software tool for slicing and dicing a core set of historical data relating to Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM). The software was first released in 2001 and has continued to evolve over the past 20 years.

The software is currently in-between versions, but we are currently giving all licenced users access to both versions:


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Installed Software

Current Release


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Web-based App

Under Development

(Beta Version Available)

While there are differences in the interface and data accessible in each, both versions of the software are designed as a tool for analysts working in the energy sector to access, graph, tabulate or extract core data sets.

Who uses NEMreview?

NEMreview has been specifically designed for a range of analysts who sit on the outside of the market, looking in.

For more than 20 years, our NEMreview clients have tended to be people who work in:

  • Government departments
  • Investment firms and financial institutions
  • Fuel suppliers
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Consultants and other services providers
  • Large energy users

In essence these are people who need a core set of data from the NEM in a way that is easy to query and understand (i.e. they do not require a full MMS from the AEMO). Having these target users in mind for NEMreview, helps us determine design choices that we make in developing the software.

NEMreview is not specifically aimed at stakeholders who are wholesale market participants, for that our ez2view software is potentially more aligned with your needs.

A core set of data from the Australian Energy Market.

The data provided in NEMreview varies between the two different versions – however the same design principle applies to each. NEMreview has been designed to focus on a core set of useful data that you need to use regularly, and not an extensive set of more complex data that you might use once in a blue moon.


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Installed Software

NEMreview v6 focuses specifically on Australia’s National Electricity Market, and includes a set of 30-minute data that includes:

  1. Prices;
  2. Regional demand and available generation;
  3. Interconnector transfers;
  4. Generation output and availability – and approximated spot revenue, energy use and greenhouse emissions.


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Web-based App

With NEMreview v7 (still under development) we have expanded the focus of the market covered – but are still concentrating on providing a core set of data for:

  1. Australia’s NEM (both physical market and financial market);
  2. The WEM in Western Australia;
  3. The LGC market; and
  4. Weather data

How NEMreview is packaged and priced.

There are two models available when purchasing a licence to the software, please see this page here for more details about what is included in each model. The table below lists the pricing for an annual licence for NEMreview:

Bronze Silver
1 user $4,500 $9,000
2 to 5 users $5,000 $10,000
5 to 20 users $5,500 $11,000

Prices in the table are stated in AUD and are exGST.

Version 6 of the software is currently the official release of the software and hence pricing is made on that basis. However, all licenced users will also be provided with early access to the pre-release beta (a temporary model) of NEMreview v7 as well.

Ongoing development.

As noted above, NEMreview is still under active development – and we are many months away from finalising the official release of version 7 of the software. We’d rather focus on ensuring the software does what we want than chasing a particular arbitrary release date and this is especially the case as all v6 clients have early access to v7 as it currently exists, and evolves. Some of these clients are active in participating in the development process.

You can vist our Timeline of Development site to see the updates and announcements from our development team.

Next steps.

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Please see these instructions for how you can trial NEMreview v6. Your one-time trial will last 14 days from the date you activate the software.

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