A logical sequence to help you access the data

In the (iterative) development of NEMreview v7 through 2017, we have provided v6 clients with early access to a pre-release beta.  We have done this as input from clients is an essential part in our ongoing development of v7 – even when (especially when) the software is not yet ready for formal release.

We’re taking account of what our clients are telling us to ensure that the end result provides an interface that just makes sense, so you can focus on what the data is telling you:


Our clients can create their own Queries, and save them so that they can:
(a)  Share with others; and/or
Refer back to later (especially if they choose a relative range of dates, to have the data updated the next time they re-open).  This is possible under the “My Trends” section of your NEMreview access.
  As at 1st November, there are 18,813 raw data series you can access for your queries in NEMreview v7.

This  number will continue to climb before we take the “beta” label off  v7, as we are continuing to add in a range of other data sets relevant to the Australian energy sector  (we are working through a long list of possibilities, and welcome suggestions we receive from our clients in terms of their priority order).  We’ve already compiled data from a range of data providers (AEMO, ASX Energy, the Bureau of Meteorology, the Clean Energy Regulator, Green Energy Markets) and the list will grow further as explained here.

Given the large (and expanding) number of raw data sets to choose from, a “winnow” step is necessary (and is being progressively refined) to make your data selection possible, and intuitive.

With your raw data sets selected, we currently offer a starting set of modifiers so you can “aggregate up” your data as you desire.
To be added.
To be added.
To be added.

The development of NEMreview is a work-in-progress. We’d also appreciate your input into the development process.