Assess if NEMreview is right for you?


In developing NEMreview v7, we’ve drawn on the wealth of insights delivered to us over the year by clients using prior versions of the software (all the way back to v1 in 2001). Hence we’re confident that NEMreview can meet the needs of a broad range of Australian energy-sector analysts.

We’re keen to work with you, to help you assess if it’s also right for you?


Information provided on the portal

We’re configuring this portal to answer the most common questions we hear from:

One way you might assess if NEMreview is right for you.would be to look through some examples of the type of analysts who have been using NEMreview (in some cases for a decade or more) Analysts who use NEMreview
Alternatively, you might like to check through these details of what’s included with the software (data sets, type of analysis, and so on) Details provided in NEMreview
Finally, if you’d like the big picture, we’ve prepared this information to show you the benefits. Show me NEMreview


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